Toni Brem

Anat Baniel Method Neuromovement® in Toronto

Creating Possibility
Through Movement

I teach guided movement lessons that work with the learning capacity of the brain to move children and adults beyond pain and limitations.

This approach, supported by current neuroplasticity science, helps to diminish chronic pain and disability while enhancing mobility, cognition, and emotional well-being.

What is ABM Neuromovement®?

Neuromovement® (also called the Anat Baniel Method or ABM) is a therapeutic approach that helps people of all ages to move better, learn better and think more clearly through mindful movement.

Through group and/or individual lessons, I am certified to work with you or your child using movement as a vehicle to wake up the brain to new possibilities.

Neuromovement® is especially helpful for people who suffer from chronic pain, children with disabilities, and people experiencing age-related balance and movement challenges. It is also useful to those in good health looking to upgrade their performances.

Covid-19 Update: I am exploring a new way to support parents and caregivers over Zoom. Parent coaching provides practical, actionable tools to help caregivers apply Neuromovement® essentials to daily activities and interactions.

How I Can Help


Adults with Pain & Injury

Eliminate pain by changing the way you move. I can help you reconnect with the organization of your movement and teach you easier and more efficient ways to move.

Children with Disabilities

Discover your child’s true potential. I can provide the conditions for your child’s brain to learn new patterns of movement, while enhancing cognition and emotional well being.

Vitality & Aging

Improve your balance, coordination and ease of movement. Reverse aging and reclaim your vitality.

Move & Think Better

Identify unnecessary muscular efforts that are habitual. When these extra efforts cease, your nervous system is free to do other tasks, leading to improved outcomes.

  • Recurring back pain Toni led a weekly group session at Beverley School, teaching neuroplasticity lessons focused on back health. The experience was positive; through the movements, I was able to bring to attention how my posture was contributing to my lower back pain. I made a very minor adjustment in how I stand and haven’t felt the lower back pain since. —Alex
  • Mother of child with neurogenetic disorder Toni is patient, kind, and thoughtful during lessons with my little one. She takes her time to make a connection with both my daughter and me that naturally flows through the entire lesson. Her care, focus, and enthusiasm radiates. Toni listens to our successes and concerns and provides helpful advice that direct us toward our goals. After lessons I notice Eloise’s breath is quieter and she seems to be more aware and comfortable in her own body. —Melissa
  • Experienced tai chi practitioner Toni’s calm verbal guidance reminded me of guided meditation. In the 3 sessions that I participated in, she was able to bring attention, awareness, connection, and intent between mind and body through simple, safe, natural movement. It took me many years of practice to grasp these concepts. I think it's great that someone as open-minded, patient, and kind as Toni will bring these concepts into the lives of many people, including those with pain and other differences. They will certainly benefit. Both Neuromovement, and Toni as an instructor, are special. —Jacob
  • Post knee surgery I’ve been coming to Toni for my rheumatoid arthritis and joint issues. I can’t explain it, but all I know is I feel so much better after I visit. —Simon

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