About Neuromovement® How it works

What is ABM Neuromovement®?

A Gentle Approach Based On The Brain’s Ability To Learn Through Movement

ABM Neuromovement® is an approach to human functioning and health supported by current neuroplasticity science. Through gentle, guided movements, ABM practitioners communicate with the brain and get it to perceive the body in new and useful ways. Whether it’s opening a world of movements that a special needs child has never experienced or reintroducing an adult to parts of her body that may not be clearly defined in the brain due to trauma, injury or movement patterns, ABM wakes up the brain to new possibilities.

ABM’s gentle movements allow the brain to connect with all the different parts of the body—and the relationships between them—which in turn generates new neural pathways. These new pathways can diminish chronic pain while enhancing coordination, flexibility, and cognitive performance.

About Anat Baniel

Neuromovement® was created in the 1980s by Anat Baniel, drawing from her extensive experience learning from and working closely with Dr. Moshé Feldenkrais, founder of the renowned Feldenkrais Method, from which ABM is derived. They observed brain plasticity at a time when neurologists considered such claims to be absurd. The field of neurology has undergone dramatic shifts over the past twenty years. Neuroplasticity is now not only accepted wisdom, but also an essential element in understanding possibilities for brain change.

“Movement is the language of the brain.”

– Anat Baniel

“Nothing is permanent about our behavior patterns except our belief that they are so.”

—Moshe Feldenkrais