Meet Toni

I found Neuromovement® while researching ways to best support my daughter. My third child, Marlowe was born with a rare neurogenetic disability called Angelman Syndrome. 

Traditional therapies made Marlowe cry. They focused on getting her to do what she couldn’t do. They put her in a sitting position when she couldn’t sit, suggested we put her in a stander when she couldn’t stand. But none of that felt right.

Prior to this method, Marlowe’s only movement pattern was crossing her legs and arching her back. She was locked contentedly in this pattern, unable to make the random movements and exhibit the curiosity her brothers did at the same age.

With Neuromovement®, Marlowe began experiencing movement she didn’t herself generate, like movement in her pelvis; rounding her spine, so she could put her toes in her mouth; bearing weight on her hands; movement in her legs while on tummy — seemingly small changes that together paved the way for bigger changes, like rolling, sitting, standing, and more.

I noticed positive changes in Marlowe’s gross motor skills and in other areas. Her sleep improved, she began to verbalize, and was happy and at ease in her body. 

A big moment

When Marlowe was 4 years old, I saw her do something we were told she might never do. She started to walk independently and soon after, I made a big move too. In 2017, I began training to become a Neuromovement® practitioner so I could incorporate this method into Marlowe’s daily life and support other families as well. I continue to upgrade my skills and hold Mastery Certification for working with children with special needs. 


I’m grateful to have the support of senior practitioners Judith Dack and Judy Cheng for regular coaching. They have been Marlowe’s consistent practitioners for many years and now they are my teachers too. 

I am based in Toronto, Canada.