Private Lessons

What to Expect

When an ABM practitioner works with a client, it’s called a “lesson,” and the client is the “student”. This terminology indicates that it’s a learning method, meaning the practitioner is providing your brain and entire nervous system with information that enables it to upgrade itself and enact positive change.

I will move your body in slow and intentional ways. I use gentle movements to inform the brain about something the body either hasn’t learned or has forgotten. You will become aware of chronic habitual muscular contractions and eventually learn how to release them so that your movement becomes easy and pain-free. This positive experience makes the brain curious, aware of new possibilities.

Each lesson is customized to your individual needs to help you overcome chronic tension, minor aches and pains, or more serious muscular-skeletal and neurological issues. Private lessons also address the developmental needs of children with disabilities. ​

Lessons For Children

I use gentle touch and movement to capture your child’s attention. I will introduce your child to a variety of early developmental movement patterns aligned with their capabilities, and as they progress I will slowly increase the demand but only to a level that ensures success. Success is key to grooving in new patterns. Lessons tie directly into functional movements, such as rounding, arching, bending, rolling, sitting, moving from sitting to standing, etc. 

Lessons will take place on a table, in a chair (or child’s stroller), or sometimes they take place in a parent’s lap. I always meet your child where they are in order to increase their comfort and feeling of safety. We all learn better when we feel safe.

My practice is in the Bloor and Dufferin area in Toronto.

The location is barrier-free and all are welcome.

  • Post knee surgery I’ve been coming to Toni for my rheumatoid arthritis and joint issues. I can’t explain it, but all I know is I feel so much better after I visit. —Simon
  • Mother of child with neurogenetic disorder Toni is patient, kind, and thoughtful during lessons with my little one. She takes her time to make a connection with both my daughter and me that naturally flows through the entire lesson. Her care, focus, and enthusiasm radiates. Toni listens to our successes and concerns and provides helpful advice that direct us toward our goals. After lessons I notice Eloise’s breath is quieter and she seems to be more aware and comfortable in her own body. —Melissa