Who it helps Pain & Injury


Do you have back, neck, or shoulder pain? Have you suffered from an injury that has left you with chronic pain or generalized discomfort?

When you have an injury, your brain acts to protect you from further injury by restricting movement. For example, when you have a shoulder injury, you may protect it by inhibiting movement in that area so that your shoulder blade, upper back, and collarbone move as one. Your brain has now mapped this “new” shoulder as one block and it becomes difficult for the individual body parts to move separately again. Your quality of movement may become less refined, your posture may worsen, and you may have referred pain unrelated to the original injury.

Neuromovement® empowers the brain to remap and upgrade functional movement. With this remapping, pain may be reduced or relieved entirely. Through the use of subtle, gentle, and innovative movement patterns, the neuroplasticity of your brain is activated for new learning. This technique helps your brain reset its map of your body, improve your body awareness, and relinquish habitual movement patterns that have caused or contributed to chronic pain. You may also experience improvements in your balance, breathing, coordination, and sense of well-being.